Watch Hill Through Time, Chaplin B. Barnes: In 2005, the Conservancy published a history of Watch Hill, Watch Hill Through Time: The Evolution of a New England Shoreline Community, by Chaplin B. Barnes. Watch Hill Through Time chronicles the evolution of a Rhode Island shore community from its geological origins, through its phases as an Indian encampment and a colonial fishing and farming community, to its heyday as a fashionable Victorian hotel and cottage colony, and ultimately to its twentieth-century maturity as a unique family summer resort. Woven into the fabric of this ecological and social history are tales of heroism, of wars, marine disasters, fires, and hurricanes, as well as glimpses into the lives of some of those who have shaped Watch Hill’s development. Handsomely illustrated, it is a key to knowing Watch Hill. Download free, or purchase the hardcover edition ($80 plus tax and shipping) by contacting the office (401) 315-5399.

Watch Hill Style, Richard C. Youngken and Chaplin B. Barnes: By exploring individual design elements-doorways, roofs, porches, windows, textures, and materials – Watch Hill Style helps us understand the architecture that makes Watch HIll, Rhode Island so visually engaging. In limited printing, and lavishly illustrated with color photographs capturing a very private place, this book is a real treasure that teaches as well as entertains. Download free.

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