In the News

7 Rivers Festival emphasizes interconnected nature of watershed (New London Day, June 26, 2022)

Sea Level Rise in Watch Hill (Hill, Pond, and Preserve, January 2022)

The Rhode Island Natural History Survey and Stewardship of the Napatree Point Conservation Area (Rhode Island Naturalist, Fall 2021

Nuisance Flooding More Than a Hassle for Touristy Watch Hill (ecoRI News, May 3, 2021)

Left Undeveloped for Eight Decades, Napatree Point Rolls With the Tides (ecoRI News, May 3, 2021)

On the Beat: An Interview with Jocelyn Lahey (Frank Olean Center, June 8, 2021)

State of Napatree 2020 (Westerly Sun, February 26, 2021)

Source to Sea (Westerly Sun, August 14, 2020)

Grant Will Fund Effort to Address Flooding in Watch Hill (Westerly Sun, August 12, 2020)

Napatree’s Living Fossil (Westerly Life, May 7, 2020)

Science in the Sand (Hill, Pond, and Preserve, April 2020)

DEM Announces $3.33 Million in Green Economy Bond Funding to Help Communities, Local Groups Protect Open Space (RI.GOV Press Release, February 28, 2020).

The Smallest State, and Why it is Getting Smaller (Providence Journal Bulletin, 12/22/2019)

Hurricane Rhody Bears Down on Rhode Island’s Future
(ecoRI, 9/16/2019)

Peter August Wins EPA Merit Award: Work on Napatree is Capstone of Career (Westerly Sun, 9/13/2019)

Rising Seas, Storm Surge Take Aim at Coastal RI (ecoRI, 8/15/2019)

Dangers of Sea Level Rise (Westerly Sun, 8/13/2019)

Used and Abused: How Much Can the Oceans Take? (ecoRI, 6/10/2019)

Scientists at Napatree Refine Eelgrass Mapping Techniques (Westerly Sun, 4/12/2019)

Final Phase of Watch Hill Infrastructure Project Set to Begin in the Fall With a Little Help From The Watch Hill Conservancy (Westerly Sun, 9/3/2018)

Rey Larsen, Monitoring Birds on Napatree For Over 50 Years (Westerly Sun, 4/14/2018)

Napatree Studies Become a Valuable Source of Scientific Information (Westerly Sun, 3/25/2018)

Conservancy’s Annual Report on Napatree Point: Beach is Busy, Bountiful and Beautiful. (Westerly Sun, 3/19/2018)

Protecting the Living Lab of Napatree (Westerly Sun, 7/3/2017)

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