Conserving and Preserving Watch Hill and Little Narragansett Bay

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Napatree Point Conservation Area

Visiting Napatree– Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Napatree Resources – A treasure trove of photos, videos, and documents about the Napatree Point Conservation Area.

Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge

Online Resources

StormTools – Mapping utility to illustrate and display inundation levels from storms and sea level rise.

Videos – Time-lapse videos of high tide flooding in Watch Hill

Resource Page Planning for a Resilient Future Initiative Summary

Bay Street Improvement

Bay Street Improvement

The Conservancy undertook a major project to remove the 73 unsightly utility poles located in and around the Village of Watch Hill, along the loop of Bay Street, Fort Road, Larkin Road, Bluff Avenue and Plimpton Road. This ambitious endeavor included burying electrical lines, water lines, storm drainage and relocating the electrical transformers.
Planning for Resilience

Planning for Resilience

Watch Hill, by nature of its low elevation and proximity to the sea, is extremely vulnerable to inundation from sea level rise and storm surge. Nuisance tides now flood many streets in the community and access to some local destinations such as the Beach Club, Yacht Club, and Beach Cabanas is already difficult. Conditions will only get worse as sea levels rise.
Informing Community

Informing Community

A common theme that ripples through many of The Watch Hill Conservancy’s programs is informing our community. Young, old, residents, or visitors, we strive to make our community better aware of environmental, social, technical, political, and literary issues. We do this in many ways.

Mission: The Watch Hill Conservancy is dedicated to the conservation of Napatree Point, the preservation of the community’s historic character, and the support of a vibrant Bay Street commercial district.