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August 13 - New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration

Innovative Applications of Technology Enabling Remote Participation Through National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) Office of Ocean Exploration and Research
Catalina Martinez, M.S., M.M.A.
Regional Program Manager
NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research

 Catalina Martinez is the regional manager for ocean exploration and research for NOAA. NOAA’s most technically advanced research ship, The Okeanos Explorer, has a home port of Quonset, Rhode Island. The Inner Space Center at URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography is a one-of-a kind facility that allows a real-time telepresence connection between a research vessel at sea and viewers from all over the world. Ocean exploration by the world’s leading scientists, including URI’s Robert Ballard, among others, comprise Catalina’s portfolio of projects that she manages. Telepresence allows other scientists, school children, and the public to share in the excitement of discovery. Catalina will describe these systems and give examples how they are used to support research, exploration, and education.

Bio Brief: Following her graduate studies at URI in Oceanography and Marine Affairs. Catalina worked at NOAA headquarters in Silver Springs, Maryland coordinating sea operations, logistics, and outreach for NOAA research cruises in the world’s unexplored oceans. In 2004 she returned to Rhode Island to serve as the regional program manager for the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. She works closely with the Inner Space Center at URI to bring the excitement of discovery in the ocean sciences and marine archaeology into the classroom using telepresence technology. Catalina has spent considerable time at sea as expedition coordinator on more than 20 ocean exploration cruises.

6:00 PM Chaplin B. Barnes Reading Room
Lanphear Livery, One Bay Street, Watch Hill, RI

Free Admission


Catalina Martinez, M.S., M.M.A.