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August 6 - Whaling Women of New England

Dr. Yvonne Masakowski, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Naval War College

Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the whaling industry was thriving and many New Englanders enjoyed the benefits of a maritime economy. We are familiar with whaling adventures such as those reported by Melville in Moby Dick, however, the life of the whaling women remains a hidden mystery. Little attention has been paid to the critical role that women played during these voyages whether as senior navigators at sea or maintaining their community while their husbands worked these dangerous whaling voyages.

Bio Brief: Dr. Masakowski teaches leadership and leader development at the Naval War College. She is the US Chair of the NATO panel on leader development for multinational military operations. She has served on several NATO panels and published numerous books, book chapters, and articles in military leadership development. She is the recipient of many international and national awards including the US Navy Achievement Award. Dr. Masakowski’s courses include “Crosscultural Competence for Adaptive Leaders” and “Leadership and War Viewed Through the Humanities.”

6:00 PM Chaplin B. Barnes Reading Room
Lanphear Livery, One Bay Street, Watch Hill, RI

Free Admission

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  • August 6 - Whaling Women of New England
    Dr. Yvonne Masakowski, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    Naval War College

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Dr. Yvonne Masakowski, Ph.D.